Retrospect backup Software for 5 Desktops or laptops for Linux, mac and windows


Backup Software for any 5 Desktops or Laptops of any OS from Windows , Linux and MAC.


Key Features

  • Shield cube 256

    Complete Data Protection

    Retrospect provides complete protection with backup, archive, and duplicate features built in.

  • Client backup

    Endpoint Protection

    Deploy agents on every desktop and laptop to ensure complete protection across your entire infrastructure.

  • Cloud cube 256

    Cloud Backup

    Retrospect supports more than twenty cloud storage providers, all seamlessly integrated with zero-knowledge security and no lock-in.

  • Backup scripts


    Backup scripts enable you to tailor a backup strategy that works best for your environment.

  • Email protection

    Email Protection

    Protect Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, and many others, or migrate from one to another with a couple clicks.

  • Support 256


    Our customers rave about their experiences with our excellent Support team, just a phone call or email away.

What’s New – Retrospect Backup 18

  • Ransomware Protection

    Enables users to set immutable retention periods and policies within Amazon S3, Wasabi, and Backblaze B2 and supports bucket-level object lock in Google Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure.

  • Security Reporting

    Surfaces the wealth of data it can see into a broad set of reporting improvements to bring security to the forefront. Retrospect Backup now includes the same detailed backup report for Windows, Mac, Email, Export and the Management Console, ensuring a clear, consistent experience across each product.

  • Geo Tracking

    Retrospect Management Console supports geo tracking with a worldwide map of all users, Retrospect Backup servers, and remote clients, down to the city.

  • Simple, Easy to use Monitoring

    Monitor all backups and seamlessly implement a full system backup recovery for your entire environment.

  • Significantly Improved Ease of Use

    Includes a completely redesigned first launch workflow. With just a single click, all sources and possible destinations can be viewed and added. IT can now also send a single download link for a 1-click install to the entire company/organization or specific individuals.

  • Cloud Data Protection

    Companies use cloud storage for all sorts of data, from website assets to affordable sharing to ingestable data, and Retrospect Backup 18 includes support for cloud storage as a first-class backup volume. Cloud volumes enable businesses to protect their cloud content on-site with an incremental backup or on a different cloud with an automated policy-driven workflows.

  • Cloud Deployment

    Deployment and protection on Amazon S3, Google Cloud and now Microsoft Azure enables businesses to protect their cloud infrastructure with the same set of tools they use to protect their on-premise infrastructure, while lowering costs and optimizing bandwidth.


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