3GEN Unified Storage 2U 12 Bay NAS as well as SAN in Single box 120TB Raw


3GEN Unified Storage 2U 12 Bay NAS as well as SAN in Single box 120TB Raw 

3Gen IntelliNAS V9060 PRO-UNIFIED NAS-DUAL Intel Xeon® Silver 4208 8 cores per CPU, Chassis with Up to 12×3.5″ HDD, 64GB RAM(2x32GB RDIMM 2933MT/s  Dual Rank), 12 x 10TB 3.5″ 7.2K NL-SAS, 2x 240GB SATA SSD boot Drive, 2x 10GBase-T LAN ports,RAID Module RMS3AC160 , 1300W Redundant Power Supplies, NAS + iSCSI / Online Volume Expansion/Snapshot & Clone /File Level Remote Replication, 3 years warranty



Storage Consolidation that can simultaneously meet your diverse needs – SAN and NAS, primary and secondary storage. – A unified storage platform supporting simultaneous block and file services for business and technical applications.
3Gen Local and Network RAID with the most powerful RAID Engine on earth! – Dual Intel Xeon CPUs with speedy DPP RAID rebuild up to 5TB per hour
Upgradeable to 24 – latest FC and high speed Ethernet ports – Standard with 2 independent Gb Ethernet ports
Performance for the most demanding applications Outstanding file-based and transaction-based performance with high bandwidth, 64-bit architecture, and the latest I/O technologies.
Storage Gateway option supports up to 1000 Storage nodes – Buy what  you need today and grow when you need it in the future
Multi-Node support for maximum performance and failover protection – Unlimited scalability on computing power and storage capacity
Speedy Natural Disaster Recovery via Global Clustering and Remote Volume Mirroring – Mirror critical data to local and remote locations via FC and ISCSI
Value-added applications available for cloud computing, productivity and data availability – Dynamic thin provisioning, block-level data de-duplication, real-time Volume
based encryption, WORM (Write Once Read Many), performance-enhancing –  SSD and N+1 clustering to protect sensitive and mission-critical data


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