Rangbhoomi is an Initiative to bring you back from your busy Life . It’s different from what other perceive us because it will change how you think  and will Help you visualize real you (in most cases). Most people start with knowing About them self that introduces them to potential to live smarter and make them free to fly. something like this:


Hi there! I’m a messenger of Life , aspiring actor by night, and naughty you in the day. I live in your Heart, to have a great day , and I like running in Sand. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.) or wanna fly without wings…:Inner Voice

…our Services:

We have 30 minutes time for you to share all what you want to share with us..nasty …confidential..lusty..what ever you want and you will feel better and we will tell you what you should do in your life ahead….

We will search inner talent in you and give a chance to search you in 30 minutes chat….

As a new member, you should fill contact us form and we will contact you with our services. Have fun!